Hi! I’m Michelle!! Welcome to my blog! I hope you find this to be a space where your heart can be inspired, encouraged, and full of peace. First and foremost, I hate being the center of attention in large social gatherings. I cringe when someone says, “Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves and tell us something interesting about you.” I am not a quick think on my feet type gal so I’m usually sweating, frantically rummaging through my brain to think of something even remotely cool about myself, all while my heart rate is skyrocketing. Phew!

So with all that said, I find it slightly funny that I am here typing up a page to tell you a little about myself. I want you all to feel like you know me though so here’s a bit about me. 

I love God more than anything in this world and I am striving to follow His will, His commandments, and be a shining light of His love to this broken world. I love the saints and their intercession and I am just a sinner who so desperately desires to be a saint. I love deeply and live for connection and having deep heartfelt conversations with others. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and love, love, love to laugh and be silly. It makes life more fun! I love words…any kind really. I like to read them, write them, and find quotes and music with just the right ones strung together. Words breathe life to my soul. I like hand written letters too. I think it’s a lost art that never should have been lost #snailmail.

I enjoy Hallmark movies and anything cheesy and heartwarming. I like to run and workout…I especially love going on long (really long) walks with others and talking about life. I like tea and love being in a coffee shop (not a coffee fan though!) I like to cook and try new yummy recipes. I really like cooking for others and sharing fellowship over a meal. I love to stay up late but sleeping in is my favorite…even if sleeping in simply means waking up whenever my body wants to, not to an alarm clock. 

My favorite season is fall and I love sunsets and the stars. My desire has always been to be like the stars; to be a light in the darkness. Ian (my fiancé) is my favorite person to experience life with. I love spending time with my family and Ian’s family. My heart is home whenever I’m with these people. My happy place is swinging or rocking while listening to music with headphones. 


I love to read a good book and cuddle in a blanket by the fire. I play the piano and find crafting therapeutic. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I think the world is a little better place at Christmas time which makes my heart happy. I love traveling and in my current season of life I feel like I’m living on the road so this is a good thing.

I’m a dreamer. I hope my blog will help you dig deep in the well of your heart to discover all the unique dreams God has planted there for you, and only you, to fulfill. Through it all, never forget to breathe. Life is all about little moments. Life is short. Life is sweet. Use every minute and give it all you’ve got. Peace and love. 

Xo, Michelle